Difficult Bitch

Sorry I had to slap you, bitch!

“We must meet for dinner.”

“Sure, next Wednesday?”

“No, next Wednesday I can’t. How about the Wednesday after next?”

Fast forward to the morning of the Wednesday after next.

She: “Can we change the time? Something came up, I can only make it at 7pm.”

Me: “Ok, no worries, let’s meet at 7pm.”

She showed at 7:30.

She: “Oh, I don’t like this part of the chicken.” (When I served her a piece of chicken drumstick.)

She: “Actually I prefer sushi.”

Me: “But I thought you said you don’t like Japanese food, especially sushi.”

She: “That was before. Now I like sushi.”

Several months later.

At a sushi restaurant.

She: “Actually I don’t like sushi.”

Several more months later.

She: “We must meet up for dinner again.”

Me: “Sure.”

She: “I’m ok next Friday.”

Me: “7:00pm ok? Shall I invite the sisterhood? I’ll include Tiffany, Tanya, Paula, Brenda, Pearly, Junko, Megan and Kimberley as well? I’ll invite them k?”

She: “Sure, sure, I haven’t seen them for a while, it’ll be good to meet them again.”

Fast forward to Thursday evening.

She: “I have this, that and the other happening tomorrow, I’ll try to make it at 7:45pm.”

Me: “It’s ok, don’t bother, I was going to call you anyway, there won’t be a dinner tomorrow night. Most of the others can’t make it.”

I’m not about to allow someone with a poor track record of punctuality hold up eight hungry babes and one horny old man.

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