Ah Heng,

Ai ya, why you cry?

No more multi million-dollar salary is it?

Or you cry because the 35,000 jobs you said (in Parliament in 2005) the casinos can create are not going to Singaporeans? Remember that time you also cried like baby because you said boh pian, because casinos can create new jobs, die die must have casinos.

Or you cry because you feel guilty – the millions sucked out of Singaporeans and the families that the casinos have devastated cannot make up for all those so-called jobs now?

Remember our casinos are among the best-earning casinos in the world?

Remember how in a couple of months as much as 70 million dollars were collected just from entrance fees paid by Singaporeans alone?

Or you cry because you one person can’t fight against the rest?

One person inside cannot change anything?

So Ah Heng, save your tears lah.

They only confirm that we need an opposition.

We need people outside who can bring about much needed change.

Now grab some tissues and fuck off while I nominate you for an Oscar.

And if you really care, donate some pocket change to those families ruined by the casinos.

“I begin to fear, lest his humility … be a counterfeit humility, and his tears crocodile tears.” – Edmund Grindal, Archbishop of York and of Canterbury.

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