Sons and Mothers

It is said that the death of a mother is the first sorrow wept without her.

I can’t agree more.

We all love our mothers.

But I have observed that most sons are closer to their moms than with their dads.

Maybe Hans Eysenck was right. He said that boys tend to follow their mothers because the X gene is bigger than the Y gene, the male gene, so they have more of the mother’s qualities than the father’s. Girls have double Xs from the mother and the father, so they tend to have more of the father’s qualities.

I shared everything with my mum.

Unfortunately she passed away 18 years ago.

Not a single day has gone by since then when I don’t think of her.

Oh how I miss her!

I was very close to my mom.

With my dad, I’m more reticent.

I notice my two sons are the same – they seem closer to my wife.

And my daughter seems closer to me.

A friend of mine – who has five daughters – once told me that “daughters have a very special relationship with their fathers.”

My daughter and I are very close for sure, but more than that, she has the same temperament as mine and we share the same unique sense of humor; she definitely relates to me differently compared to her relationship with my wife.

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