Scumbags à la Singapore

First, we saw this:

Then a new breed of retards emerges:

Are these stupid shitfaces with the sleep masks saying “I can’t see you so don’t expect me to give up my seat”?

Young, able-bodied SMRT commuters occupying seats reserved for those who really need them, my, my, what have we become?

A nation of assholes?

Hey, I’m no proctologist, but I do know an asshole when I see one.

And if we bystanders and observers don’t take steps to shame them and pry them out of those seats, we too have become ostriches.

Oh, I can’t wait to come across one of these douche bags!

Go ahead, make my day, motherfuckers!

What next?

Young, able-bodied SMRT commuters crawling into trains with walkers?

Try this next, but first, I'll have to break your legs.

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