Steal Me if You Can

It must be useful.

It must work dependably.

It must be beautiful.

It must last.

It must be the best of its kind.

That’s how Alfred Dunhill summarized his standards for any product bearing his name.

He’s long dead and gone but if still alive today, he would add “It must be secure.”

My Canadian buddy Edward Wong, now based in New York, told me that he just bought a Dunhill Biometric Wallet.

A what?

Intrigued I went to the local Dunhill store at Paragon to check it out.

Well, Dunhill’s latest wallet, the Biometric wallet is a thing of marvel. Besides looking ruggedly stylish and handsome, this high-tech wallet protects your money using high-tech security – Biometric security.

It will open only with a touch of your fingerprint.

It can be linked via Bluetooth to your cellular phone – sounding an alarm if the two are separated by more than 5 meters! This provides a brilliant warning if either the phone or wallet is stolen or misplaced. But it can be a real pain for anyone who keeps his or her phone in another room from his or her pants!

The exterior of the wallet is constructed from highly durable carbon fiber that is five times stronger and two times stiffer than steel.

The interior features a luxurious leather credit card holder and a strong stainless steel money clip.

But there’s a catch-22: this wallet is designed to keep my cash safe using the latest technology to thwart would-be muggers and pickpockets; however if  I shell out the US$825/- to pay for it (that’s how much Dunhill is selling it for) I will find that I’ll have very little money left in it worth protecting.

No, I did not buy one for myself.

Some things in life you need, some things you want.

The Dunhill Biometric Wallet – I don’t need it.

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