Hidden Message

Life-threatening behavior.

Just for fun, I’ve embedded a hidden message here; see if you can get it:

Go home time and you’ll notice lots of people with earphones on, listening to music.

Fuck, is music so important? Isn’t there a risk of drowning out ambient sounds?

The danger here is that you may walk right into a truck as you shut off the world!

Ruling that possibility out, there’s always a chance you may walk into a drain!

Party on if you want, but tune down the volume and stay safe, my friend!

We enjoy our music and most importantly we want our space, our own privacy, right?

Don’t we all? Don’t we all hate to be accosted by salespeople on the streets?

Need we however, take unnecessary risks? Can’t we lower the volume a little?

A little will also go a long way to reduce the likelihood of our going deaf!

Fake it if you don’t want to be irked, use the earbuds, but don’t switch any MP3 on!

Democracy dictates that any salesperson has the right to approach you regardless.

Anyway, the point here is to stay safe, above all.

(Did you get the hidden message? No? All will be revealed in tomorrow’s post.)


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