Retards at LinkedIn

Some idiots think that LinkedIn is another Friendster or Facebook.

For their profile pictures, they put up their babies, their dogs, their soft toys, their company logos, ad nauseam.

Frigging retards! Zero intellectual weight.

Hey idiots – LinkedIn is a professional networking site, geddit? It’s where headhunters look, it’s the Yellow Pages of the modern world! It’s where people looking for experts look.

You don’t need LinkedIn if you are the one and only char kway teow stall in the world and the world beats a path to your door.

Then there are those other shitfaces who have two or more LinkedIn profiles that they don’t update. “Too busy lah.”

Schizophrenic or what?

That’s another story.

Please, if some of these clowns are people you know – do them a favor and tell them to stop making a bloody fool of themselves.

Here’s another example:

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