Retards at Challenger, Ahava and MC2

October 3. Approached a sales person at Challenger, Plaza Singapura to check the availability of a particular computer model; he in turn asked a colleague. His colleague, a young man, was more interested in staring at his laptop and displayed a complete lack of enthusiasm for either his co-worker or me. I walked out of the store. He obviously was oblivious to my dollars walking out with me.

What a retard.

In the same morning, I asked a saleswoman about a product at Ahava, Plaza Singapura, and she behaved as if I was a major interruption to her life. Irritation was written all over her face.

Another retard.

Later in the same morning, I was at MC2, Funan. Got myself a VAIO from a Andi Ooi. He told me the warranty card has been misplaced but not to worry, he would register the product online for me.

I’ve been trying to contact him to confirm that he has done so. He has so far ignored my text messages and my calls.

Yes, he’s another one of those.

Customer Service in Singapore. Need I say more?

Twenty years later, all these retards will still remain retards. Others would have moved on to success.

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