Me Marry Ang Moh, You Leh?

Me rub you long time!

I know I’ve mentioned this before but this week I was reminded again of this phenomenon.

Have you noticed that when old otherwise impossible-to-get-married mainly obnoxious spinsters with shitfaces suddenly found themselves lucky enough to get hitched to some angmohs – nevermind whether these ang mohs are good catches or whether they are losers who can’t even get a date with their own cousins in their own countries – they are so quick to change their names as if to flaunt to the world that they finally not only managed to get married but even got themselves married to some angmohs?

Forgive me for that. For the long sentence, that is.

Worse still, these lao gohs suddenly speak with some real phony accents!


Flaunting the fact that some ang moh dicks are fucking you?

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