Trick or Treat? Nah! Singapore Doesn’t Need No Halloween

I'd rather look at pretty girls like Jas!

Ancient Gaels believed that on October 31, the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead overlapped and the deceased would come back to life and cause havoc. Masks and costumes were worn in an attempt to mimic the evil spirits in order to fool them. What was the Festival of Samhain evolved into present day Halloween.

Retailers love any occasion that can make them money. I have no statistics on Singapore, but in the US retailers rejoice during Halloween as they warm up their cash registers to receive an average of US$41.77 per household in decorations, costumes, candy, and greeting cards. That may not sound like much but collectively, Halloween will bring in approximately US$3.3 billion this year to US retailers.

Halloween has no place in our society. In previous years lots of dumbfucks paid money to be frightened out of their wits at the Night Safari. This year it  has done the right thing scraping Halloween-related activities. Life is ugly enough and we can certainly do without more dark, ghoulish imagery. I am a firm believer that what you see becomes a part of you. What you see stays with you. Hence I do not open emails from people who have this irksome habit of sending me gruesome pictures of accidents or videos of beheadings and the like. Remember in our younger days, how our parents would tell us to turn away – “Don’t look!” – whenever we chanced upon sights that may scare us; our elders had good reasons to shield us from looking at things that may not be pleasant to look at. Indeed we need to seek that which is edifying. Let’s fill our lives with beautiful images, shall we? Let’s winnow out the wheat from the mountains of chaff in our lives.

Some may think Halloween is all harmless fun and Hollywood has added to the “fun” a wide assortment of fictional characters. But the fascination with vampires and werewolves for example, as glorified by mindless movies like the Twilight series, certainly isn’t improving our mind, but it sure is making someone a lot of money.

Let not get suckered into that.

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