Happy 2012!

What a year this has been!

The biggest event was my leaving the employ of a globally integrated corporation I have been with for the past ten and a half years.

Oh I should have left earlier. Being able to quadruple my annual income is a staggering thought indeed! Being free from oppression is priceless.

The other big news is that I will be a grandpa next year!

Isn’t that something?

I also organized and financed Singapore’s first pipe show!

On November 27, I – and the rest of the family – witnessed, at a closed-door event, how my dad was treated and how accolades were heaped upon him by some very important people. Congrats dad – you’ve done well and once again, you’ve made us proud of you.

Other significant events: Jin passed her driving. I visited Cuba, North Korea, Istanbul and Israel and re-visited – among other places – London and Sydney! And I went on my second cruise!

A short list of places I didn’t manage to visit goes back into my bucket list.

Also noteworthy: a few assholes and clowns exited my life this year. Nobody chased them away. They came, pissed everyone off, we’re excoriated, then went into self exile.

Well, good riddance to bad rubbish. (I guess I should be more diplomatic, since I’m seriously contemplating accepting that very special honor about to be bestowed on me as well as that very prestigious faculty position.) More will be disclosed in due course.

A couple more books to write and at least six more short stories to complete – making good progress with the books (including six children’s books co-authored with PN) but not too satisfied with the progress – and the quality – of the short stories.

I’ve decided against picking up a law degree but am still considering perhaps a qualification in complementary and alternative medicine; also maybe – maybe only – some kind of certification as a coach. Colonel AS Lim and I are exploring this possibility jointly.

The Shéhérazade has to unfold.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year!

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