I ate Batman.

My darling sister who works at a torture chamber is so pathetic that she gets cheered up by such wu liao emails.

Have pity on her – offer her a job.

From: CT

Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2012 04:11


Subject: Hello there


I would like to social network with you and your company.

I’m currently unemployed, and I’m a CMS website designer & an SEO specialist ; I would like to ask if you or your company have any projects that I can work on? Graphic works?

Besides being a website designer, I occasionally study the stock market.

Recently, I contacted my stock broker and bought shares in

Thrive World Wide, Inc. for less than $1 a share.

stock symbol: TWWI

The reason why I bought “TWWI” shares is because I believe that they have a competitive edge in the market. As of this writing, Groupon and “TWWI” are one of the only two companies that I know of that have their shares traded in the stock market. These are the only two companies that focus all of their efforts in their daily deal sites. Google also offers Google deals but don’t really focus all of their efforts in Google deal site.

I think Google focus more in the search engine. Not to mention, Groupon & Google stock prices are very expensive for me.

I find the stock “TWWI” to be more special then Groupon because they have video ads that show off their advertisers’ deals. This will make the consumers more attracted to buying the deal from “TWWI”

That’s about all my stock market thoughts for those daily deal sites.

Besides glancing over at the stock market, I also play tennis, but not golf because I believe its an elderly’s sport. I’m only 29 years old. (not trying to offend my elders here) In my spare time I also cook, my favorite dish is the terikayi glazed salmon. That’s a piece of salmon marinated in soysauce, terikayi sauce, salt, pepper, and 1 small slice of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Then, placed in the oven to cook it for under 5 minutes.

I did not send you a résumé because most people do not like to receive attachments in their email, this is my job seeking introduction letter (résumé cover letter). Please Let me know if you would like to receive my résumé.

If you own another website, I can also work on it for you.

Sincerely yours,


PS. if you do not wish to receive any contact from me in the future please reply to this email with the word “REMOVE” and I will not contact you any more.


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