Character Recognition

Ang moh new year is over; Chinese new year is over.

When looking at bloggers’ new year resolutions, I wonder how many have already been broken.

I suspect many have been as broken as PAP election and post-election promises.

Bloggers’ new year posts can be grouped into two types:

First, there are bloggers who say stuff like “if I have no one to mark this occasion, I am quite happy to do this on my own; I alone create my own happiness, and not another being. I am determined to have an enjoyable evening by myself as I welcome in the new year.”

Second, there are bloggers who say stuff like “I don’t think I’ve achieved a lot but yet I have gone through a lot. So yes, 2012 will be even more exciting and there will be more challenges and opportunities. 2011 has taught me many precious lessons; I am sorry to everyone I’ve hurt in one way or another and I endeavor to be a better person next year. I wish for a better, and stronger, me.”

Two different types of bloggers and their posts tell you far more about themselves than what they actually say.

Truth is 90% of people don’t care about our problems and the other 10% are glad we have them.

So let’s remember what Edmund Hillary once said: “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”

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