Now Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Her cups runneth over.

Sometimes the most obvious shit is right before our eyes but we don’t see it.

If there’s one thing the Chinese need, it’ll be chopsticks.

Has anyone thought of manufacturing chopsticks to sell to the Chinese?

Well some angmoh did!

In 2010 David Hughes helped finance his Korean American business partner and formed Georgia Chopsticks to manufacture and export chopsticks made from Georgian poplar and sweet-gum trees.

Their plant is based in Americus, a location that offered room to grow, inexpensive facilities and a willing workforce. (Sumter County, of which Americus is the seat, has an unemployment rate of more than 12%.) The last time I checked, Georgia Chopsticks now employs over 80 people turning out two million chopsticks a day.

They are shipped via the Port of Savannah to China in boxes with the rare wordings: “Made in the USA.”

How’s that for irony?

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