Paradise Lost

Took out a tin of Dunhill Nightcap recently but hated it when I smoked it – the old familiar taste is there no more. The old magic has disappeared.

Nightcap used to be one of my favorites. For years, I used to smoke a hand-blended Dunhill #73 and had it shipped to me every month on a standing order but then Dunhill stopped its in-house blending and recommended a store brand to me – the Nightcap, production of which was later outsourced, first to Murray Sons & Co and now to Orlik Tobacco AS.

However in the last few days I’ve smoked it, and smoked it, and smoked it again trying to gain back the old taste and “feeling” after that initial first bowl which I completely disliked. I am a bit upset but was told by several experienced pipe smokers that this happens and maybe a different pipe, a different day, and perhaps even a different environment may change things.

I don’t know what to do. It’s sad to lose a loved one. It’s odd to look at the tin of Nightcap and to shake my head in befuddlement and ask, “What happened to the old Nightcap?”

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