From Good to Shitty: NETS Card Charge

Nett nett: shitty.

Some “everything-also-want-to-kau-peh” retard wrote to the press recently complaining about having to pay a non-refundable deposit for a NETS CashCard.

Lim Yin-Fern, Vice-President, Corporate Communications, NETS replied yesterday saying “The NETS CashCard costs $10 (comprising $5 in stored value and $5 for the cost of the card). The $5 covers the production cost for each NETS CashCard, which includes the cost of the plastic card, the microprocessor chip that is embedded in the card and the initialization cost of the chip for the card to be used. This fee is in line with the prevailing local market practice of other stored value cards in the motoring and transit sector.”

Dear Yin-Fern, honestly nobody cares a rat’s ass for your grandmother story, so please spare us the patronizing details.

And this is what differentiates a shitty company from a great company.

Imposing a fee in line with prevailing practice makes a company shitty, it means you’re just a follower, not a leader. Absorbing that fee makes a company a great because you’re now a pioneer, a trail blazer. You make a difference. You care for customers.

By giving away a little, companies can gain a lot more in the long run.

A very simple truth that very few companies seem to realize nowadays.

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