My Bucket List

A very small bucket; yet to be filled.

Ever since that movie everyone’s been talking about their bucket list – a list of things they want to do before they kick the bucket.

Oh, can’t people be more original? There are enough copycats out there already.

Not only is everyone talking about their bucket list, there are lots of books out there with titles like “1000 Places to See Before You Die” etc to help you compile that list. If somebody hasn’t beaten me to it yet, one day I might write a book entitled “1000 Books to Read Before You Die.” But seriously, there’s information overload even with bucket lists. For example, there’s even a book entitled “101 Places Not to See Before You Die.

Do I have a bucket list?

Yes I do.

First item on my bucket list is to get a bucket.

Jokes aside, because I’ve lived a great life and I’ve experienced so much already, mine is a very small bucket – such as the one in the picture above, which is a bucket my wife bought. But despite its small size,  I will definitely fill it up. I’m still working on what to fill it up with though.

I’ll avoid the copycats and the clichés like doing the Camino walk, blah, blah, blah.

How boring.

As always there are trailblazers and there are copycats and followers.

Well, I suppose it takes all kinds.

Back to MY bucket list.

Because I’m basically a grouchy bastard, an asshole and a misanthrope, many of the things I would be doing before I croak would be things I will be doing alone.

All by myself.

I’ve been very disappointed with the people in my life so far and I honestly can’t imagine spending the remaining or the best days of my life with any of them.

I’d rather ride into the sunset alone.

My buddy RW, who’s 64 but young at heart, has just returned from a nearly 30-day sojourn to a neighboring country all by himself, fishing, spending time in solitude, generally having a fabulous time alone and I can identify with him.

I envision myself spending some of the best days of my life in solitude too.

Yes, I will be alone, but I definitely won’t be lonely.

After what you’ve done to me and how shabbily some of you have treated me, the way you’ve been pulling the rug from under my feet, etc no way in the world am I going to share the most precious moments of my life with you.

No, I’m not bitter.

Just being honest.

Sorry about that.

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