Why is My Face so Long?

People always wonder why I look so darn sad.

Well, what’s there to be happy about?

Even if I have joy in my heart, I don’t go around grinning and drooling like a retard.

I was actually feeling quite good yesterday until I came across yesterdays’ Sunday Times at the Silver Kris Lounge in Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

One page devoted to Xiaxue and another to someone who who declared that he has been on a mission to improve the world for the past 40 years.

Jesus fucking Christ. I almost threw up my breakfast.

Hitler was a shortie, so was Napoleon and a couple of other clowns in prominent positions here in Singapore including a couple of real ugly fuckfaces whose only way to get women to suck their dicks is apparently to promise them business contracts.

“Small man, small dick, big talk” syndrome?

So many self-proclaimed, completely deluded “gurus” with overly-inflated sense of self importance and delusions of grandeur with a penchant for self-aggrandizement.

Do they know that in certain older civilized cultures, when men failed as entirely as they have, they would throw themselves on their swords?

Xiaxue and the egomaniac. Two full pages devoted to them.

Tsk, tsk.

And people actually pay good money to read this shit in The Sunday Times?

Then I got into MI333 for the flight to Singapore and had to endure the vitriolic crap from that Keling asshole in 4C who demanded a vegetarian meal for this short 35-minute flight and whined like a schoolgirl and threw a bloody loud tantrum when he was told he wasn’t gonna get one.

Fucking cunt-lapping, cock-sucking, mother-fucking loser.

If I were the cabin crew on duty I would twist the stupid head off this meat sack.

Then shoot him.

And shoot him again.

I’m so frigging allergic to bullshit.

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