Restaurant Andre

Wait staff dressed completely in black, a toilet designed to win competitions, and all the usual tried and tested tricks, Restaurant Andre (by Taiwanese Andre Chiang formerly from Jaan) is over-staffed, over-priced, and overly pretentious but if you just focus on the experience, forget the bullshit about Octaphilosophy (whatever that means) and all that patter about artesanal crap and invite the naive and impressionable there, you should have a reasonably good time.

I was there on June 27th. Dinner for two with a bottle of Riesling was over a thousand bucks, and things were tolerable until two local women walked in with the one shaped like a cow bellowing on top of her voice as if that place was a food court. Argh, Singapore women! When will they ever develop some class?

The largely so-so food did nothing to wow a jaded palate like mine but if I must say so, the baby barramundi (pictured above) was the most memorable of the eight-course degustation menu.

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