Maddening: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Friday June 29 bought a Samsung Galaxy SIII. Happy like fuck.

Sunday July 1 installed a wireless doorbell, couldn’t use it because same frequency as my neighbor’s doorbell and frequency couldn’t be changed, so had to un-install it.

Monday July 2 Samsung Galaxy SIII died, had to get it replaced. Wasted half a day – phone showed “No Service” so called SingTel to check. They said our lines are fine, switch off your phone, switch it on again. Still “No Service” so take out your SIM card, put it back again and see what happens. Still “No Service.” SingTel said come down and get a new SIM card, SIM card probably faulty. Rushed down, stood in line, got the new SIM card but was told it would take at least an hour to activate. Went home. Waited one hour, still “No Service.” Called SingTel again. SingTel confirmed that SIM card has been activated already and to test it by using it on another phone. Did that, confirmed SIM card was fine,  and that it was the Samsung Galaxy SIII that was a lemon. Rushed to store where I bought the phone from to get it changed. Long story. Pain in the rectum. Sure, got a replacement but a pain nevertheless.

Wednesday July 4 “upgraded” to a new Nespresso machine, took it home, didn’t work, had to get it replaced the next day.

Friday July 6 confirmed second slipped disc – L4, L5 this time.

Sunday July 8 ex colleague ET Lee passed away suddenly.

Friday July 13 saw my chiropodist/podiatrist who CUT me causing me to bleed. Only the second time it has happened since I started seeing her years ago. Not too bad a record but why must it happen around this time?

Saturday July 14 diagnosed with conjunctivitis.

Sunday July 15 had to cancel a business trip, kissing goodbye to 40,000 bucks.

I need a new iron.

Am afraid to go buy one.

Very afraid.

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