Bokehlicious! Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100

David Pogue of The New York Times calls this the best pocket camera ever made. No photos this good have ever come from a camera this small, he says. The RX100 has a huge one-inch sensor – the biggest ever stuffed into a pocketable zoom camera. That’s nearly three times the area of the previous pocket-camera photo-quality champ, the Canon PowerShot S100.

The maximum aperture (lens opening) of its Carl Zeiss lens is f/1.8. That’s the widest aperture one can buy on a pocket camera. That, too, helps explain its ability to create bokeh (blurring of the background), and its spectacular results in low light.

The camera has a 3.6X zoom lens. The Canon S100 zooms more (5X zoom). On the other hand, the Sony takes 20-megapixel photos, versus 12 on the Canon.

The Sony’s macro capabilities are impressive. You can focus from a distance of just under two inches away from your subject. A typical SLR can’t get any closer than 10 inches from the subject with its included lens.

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