Lumix LX7 – Quick Draw McGraw!

At F1.4, it’s got the fastest lens I’ve yet seen on a compact camera! So I succumbed and got myself one last week, heh heh.

Bet Leica will soon come out with the same thing under it’s name – probably calling it the D-Lux 6 – and at nearly twice the price!

So I consoled myself because I think I’m so smart and so lucky.

Same way a friend of mine justifies and rationalizes away her (almost daily) shopping sprees – “cheap mah.”

But seriously why the LX7? Well, the Samsung EX2F (which I have as well) is also a F1.4 camera but its lens stops at 3.3x zoom, with an f/2.7 aperture. The LX7, by contrast, continues on to 3.8x, and somehow manages to retain an f/2.3 maximum aperture even at that telephoto position.

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