Peasant Sighting: Chye Seng Huat Hardware

So coffee’s in. So you set up a coffee shop inside an old hardware store. You spin a yarn about roasting, and embed into your story some incomprehensible mumbo jumbo related to coffee – words like “roastey” and “coffee school” and “intensity” and “acidity” and “after-taste” and “private tasting room” ad nauseam – and if you can’t convince them, just confuse them but you spread the word, get written up, get blogged about by some half-baked clowns masquerading as culinary experts, create a buzz and hordes of pathetically impressionable Singaporeans will flock there to beat a path to your door and to make you wealthy.

On Hari Raya Haji, a public holiday, even before Chye Seng Huat Hardware – yes, that’s the name of that grossly overrated coffee shop at Tyrwhitt Road – opened its doors, five bozos were already outside trying to get in. And just half an hour after opening, the place was already getting packed. Every mother’s son – and daughter – wants to be seen in a new place. That’s Singapore for you.

A visitor included the driver of the car in the picture below who – despite a prominently-displayed sign that says “no parking” and another even larger sign indicating that illegally parked vehicles would be towed away – didn’t give a shit and parked his car right in front of the entrance. Yes, that’s the entrance to the coffee shop. Note also the double yellow lines; if I remember my Highway Code, that means “no parking or waiting at any time.”

And a douche bag such as this is able to appreciate coffee?

It has been said that manners – including road manners – are often a good indicator, a litmus test, of how a society has progressed in terms of civil behavior. Clearly the driver of this car has yet to descend from the trees.

So what if you drive a fancy set of wheels, so what if you are a so-called connoisseur of the fine things in life, so what if you frequent the latest coffee bars when you are so frigging retarded that you can’t even read road signs that even illiterates can understand?

You must be so fucked in your head to think that flouting traffic signs and plonking your car in front of the entrance of a building is an ok thing to do. Yeah, sure, impressed the hell out of me.

A peasant is a peasant even if he quaffs gourmet coffee.

You can take a peasant out of the village but you sure can’t take the village out of a peasant.

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