What a Surprise! A Paul Becker!

Georg Huber IV, descendant of Georg Huber who founded Pfeifen Huber in Munich back in 1867, came into possession of an estate Paul Becker pipe of immense size.

Jens Meyer, the Managing Director of Pfeifen Huber wanted to gift it to me and commissioned the very talented craftsman Bodo Mauk (whose pipes I already proudly own) to restore it to its original grandeur. He was ably assisted by Bodo Falkenried.

Jens Meyer, the Managing Director of Pfeifen Huber with the pipe.

And when Dr Vai visited Munich recently, Bodo Falkenreid, Bodo Maul and Jens Meyer in a simple presentation ceremony entrusted the crazy doc to hand-carry the rare, precious pipe to Singapore where it became part of my collection on January 16th.

This is a most pleasant surprise and truly a gift of distinction for which I have done nothing to deserve. I shall most definitely smoke it with the same level of love and care that went into its restoration and with fond memories of my friends in Munich. In fact, I am quite speechless. Once again my heart-felt thanks to every one who was part of this endeavor!

A most memorable and surprise gift of rare distinction.

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