Samsung GALAXY Camera

You have to see this to believe it – a camera that’s practically a Samsung Galaxy SIII or Note II without the phone, that’s what it is.

Never be caught without a camera again, whip this snazzy toy out, snap away and email or WhatsApp your photos using a SIM card or Wi-Fi to whoever, or to your own desktop. Or upload your pics to Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Well, it’s really no toy actually – the specs are amazing: 16MP, Optical 21x, 23mm Wide Zoom Lens, shoots HD video, even in slowmo. It is powered by 1.4GHz Quad Core Processor, and runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. For lazy shutterbugs, there are all kinds of photography “modes” to choose from but for those with some brains, the camera even allows them to go fully manual.

In addition, the Samsung GALAXY camera allows you to browse, check email, and do loads of other stuff. Why would anyone want to check email using a camera beats me, but the feature’s there if you want it.

What will Samsung think of next?

Apple, please continue to hibernate.

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