Shuddup and Move On!

Is my Medisave top-up in yet?

A letter published in a local paper yesterday offered suggestions on “how the Government can accord recognition to our senior ex-National Service men who have completed NS and reservist obligations.”

The writer went on to say:

First, it would be helpful if an annual cash payout can be given to this group, with half the amount going to their wives or parents/guardians. This payout will be helpful with the rising cost of living in Singapore.

“Second, as many of these seniors will be grappling with medical issues that come with old age, periodic top-ups in their Medisave accounts will help defray rising medical costs.”

Dream on man, dream on.

I’ve served my NS, fulfilled my obligations, gave my two years to the government and I expect nothing else.

How can you expect the government to be forever indebted to you and take care of you for the rest of your life just because you did what was your legal duty as a son of Singapore?

If you have that mindset then stop bitching about citizenships being handed out to foreigners who don’t have to sacrifice two years of their lives doing National Service.

And stop whining about those mercenaries – outcasts in their own countries – parasites with no roots here, who are here to make a quick buck while  condemning everything about Singapore.

Seriously, if you expect a handout for the rest of your life just for fulfilling your NS obligation as a citizen, really, what kinda “sacrifice” is that?

I’m not being self righteous here, but every true son of Singapore should be prepared to stand up any time and defend our country unconditionally.

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