De-evolution Has Begun

Top Seven Annoyances; retards who feed at the same trough; the Magnificent Seven:

  1. Shitheads who don’t reply to my emails or text messages. Hey, shitheads, even one alphabet “K” will be good enough for me to know that you haven’t died and gone to hell yet. Yup, eat this shit: If I send you an email or a text message and I don’t get a reply soon enough, you immediately get moved right to the top of my Shit List. To me it screams that you are rude and UNRELIABLE. For example, I have in my phone, record of a text message I sent someone on February 7th to which I have yet to receive a reply. How can this person be trusted to be reliable? And talk about rude – are people born this rude or is it something they work at over the years? And if you happened to be a service provider of any kind, in other words if you run a business that is dependent on customers, or a charity that relies on my donations, it’ll be worse for you. I will simply STOP having anything to do with you straight away. Yes, the cretins who don’t reply to my emails or text messages, are sans pareil, the worst of the lot.
  2. Those dumb nuts who say the wrong thing at the wrong time or feel it is perfectly ok to ask how much people pay for stuff or for medical treatment, etc.
  3. Those who think they are more superior than others, who don’t fit in anywhere so they think no one’s better than them, and yes, the know-it-alls who won’t stop blathering and those who spew crap indiscriminately, sparing no one. Trust me, one day your big mouth will get you in trouble.
  4. Those ingrates who decline my invites – people fight to get into my parties (such as those cigar dinners I host that costs at least 5k a night) so I’m naturally pissed when people come up with all kinds of bullshit reasons for not being able to come. And I’ll stop being petty. Until I take possession of their problem, it remains just that – their problem, and their loss.
  5. Those who stir shit – agents provocateur who play one person against another. Worse than those unfuckable scrotumless eunuchs in the Forbidden Palace or gossipy toothless old women with sagging breasts.
  6. The braggarts. Those who take comfort in boasting about themselves or their possessions are low in self-esteem. Enough said.
  7. The freeloaders. These are those parasites who are shamelessly present at every free lunch or dinner and who only hang around people whom they can take financial advantage of. They talk a good talk, but they can’t deliver. Do your due diligence. Associate with them at your own risk. You have been warned.

The human body has 7 trillion nerves.

The seven kinds of lowlifes above manage to get on every fucking one of my 7 trillion nerves.

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