Penzance – I’ve Hit the Mother Lode

No I’m not sharing it, I’m not selling it. It’s mine, all mine, and mine alone!


According to a reviewer who goes by the handle “Phonomet” upon first lighting one is delighted by a smoky latakia and strangely phenolic aroma. The comparison to Laphroaig is spot on in its iodine tartness and malty sweetness. About halfway through the bowl something strange happens. Colored scarves cover your lampshades, a twinkling of bells in the distance ring with conspicuous augmented seconds, dark eyes peer at you from behind the veil, wise men from the Orient bring their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, wave upon wave of spices greet your nose and at this point ladies and gentlemen, you have entered Penzance…

Now, start drooling please.

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