Goodbye, Roy Ang Chai Siang

It must have been some 30 years ago when I first met you. You were a reporter in a press trip I headed to the Philippines.

And I was in the Philippines on Wednesday – in Tagaytay – when I received news from Bernard about your passing.

I was glad I made it back to send you off yesterday morning.

I was so grieved to see you go and I couldn’t hold back my tears but in my heart of hearts I knew then – as the hymns were being sung – and I know now that you are currently at peace, free from your sufferings at last.

I also know that when we meet again you’ll be your old gregarious self, active, physical and full of life, sharing your stories, making us all laugh once more.

Roy, the past few years have been hard on you, may you now go to eternal glory without a worry, knowing that you have a strong wife, two smart grown-up sons who will do you proud, and lots of friends who miss you; above all, knowing that we will all re-unite one day in a beautiful place where everything will be perfect and those of us whose bodies are afflicted with illness will be made whole again.

Yes, Roy, in the sweet by and by, we will meet on that beautiful shore.

In the meantime, requiescat in pace, my dear, dear friend.

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