Irony – How Safe is this Safety Vehicle?

I shot this pic with my camera phone last Saturday afternoon.

Under the Road Traffic Act, lorries cannot be used for private passenger transport. However, the Road Traffic Act provides exceptions, all of which are crap, as if not enough lives are lost this way already.

Lorries should NOT be allowed to carry passengers.


I can never forget what I witnessed on June 22nd 2010. Two workers lying dead as a result of a traffic accident along the Pan-Island Expressway. (A third worker passed away later in hospital.) Six others were hospitalized. The lorry carried 17 people at the back when the accident happened.

I repeat: Lorries should NOT be allowed to carry passengers.

And that’s not the only accident involving lorries in recent times.

In March this year, more than 10 workers were flung off a lorry when it was involved in an accident along the Pan-Island Expressway in the Simei area. One died on the spot.

Construction worker, Rajesh Mahalingam, 29 was just two months away from starting a new life. He had plans to go home to India and get married and open a fish farm. His dreams ended that day on our Pan-Island Expressway

Today, Labor Day, let’s really get serious about the welfare and safety of our laborers, many of whom are from overseas, eking out a living here to support struggling families back home.

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