Singapore is Not a Prison. You are Free to Go!

I have nothing against foreigners. They add a lot of color to our lives and their presence is – according to our government – necessary for this country due to a myriad of reasons.

Our government is far from perfect. I for one am often rather critical of its antics.

But let one fact be known here, now and forever. The fact is this: I do not appreciate foreigners residing here who unfairly criticize anything to do with Singapore and Singaporeans while they are here making good money and enjoying the security and safety and efficiency offered by this place.

Some of you won’t even make it as toilet cleaners in your own country, some of you can’t even speak coherently yet you are regarded as “foreign talent” so while you take advantage of our magnanimity and generosity I’ll appreciate if you keep your bitching and moaning to yourself. If this place is so bad that you can’t seem to stop whining 24×7 about it may I suggest you go back to the shithole you came from.


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