So He’s Coming From Hell?

from Hell's Kitchen to Sin City?

Singapore’s so-called “Top 3 favorite Hawker Heroes out of a list of 12 (drawn from hawker establishments’ ratings on HungryGoWhere, The Business Times’ Knight Frank CEOs’ Hawker Choices, Makansutra and popular TV food programs) would represent the country in a cook-off against foul-mouth British chef Gordon Ramsay this Sunday in an event organized by SingTel.

The reason given was wishy-washy. SingTel’s publicity materials say “Recently, there’s been great concerns regarding the decline of local hawker culture and whether Michelin-starred accreditations would encourage fresh blood to join the trade and preserve our beloved heritage.” How will Ramsay’s visit make our hawker food better? Beats me.

Cut through the jibberish and any retard will know that this is yet another publicity stunt for the telco. I won’t be surprised if the cook-off will be preceded by full-page ads offering special mobile price plans, etc related to the event.

There is nothing wrong for companies desperate for business in the face of fierce competition to clutch at straws to trap a few more customers but to have an expletive-spewing, abusive, megalomaniacal media whore – who’s hardly a role model for our children – who brazenly attacks Asian culture and cuisine by condemning the food we eat and ridiculing people eating their favorite food (check out some of these videos online) come to Singapore and take on our hawkers is to me an indeed shameless act by SingTel.

It was even said that New Jersey chef Joseph Cerniglia committed suicide after being yelled at by Ramsay on TV. And we welcome such a guy with open arms?

I have vowed to cancel all my business with the telco.

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