A Pram Entitles You to Nothing, Get It?!

Devil child of rude parents.

July 2nd, basement three of FORUM, when the elevator door opened I pressed the appropriate button to make sure that the lift stayed open so that a couple with a pram could come in. When we reached basement one, again I made sure the lift door stayed open so that the couple could stroll into Jade Palace restaurant.

There I was a 56-year-old man, old enough to be their father, holding the door for them.

I didn’t mind doing that. Not complaining. My parents brought me up well, taught me to be courteous and gracious. But I felt like an idiot for being kind. Why did I feel this way? I’ll tell you why – the couple behaved as if they were so entitled, not a word of thanks, didn’t even make eye contact with me to acknowledge a kind act, heads held high, noses up in the air, taking their own sweet time… as if I was a lift attendant.

What is it with people walking around with prams?

They think they can do anything, that people will make way for them, that they always get priority, always get right of way.

Wisenheimers, cut your puerile crap!

I pity the kind of kid in that pram that they will raise – probably growing up to be a fucking rude brat as well.

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