By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them

Soon, they'll need another pair of pants.

Businessman A achieved many successes but prefers a low profile. In his own way he contributes to the less fortunate of our society.

Businessman B is reasonably successful but is adroit in the art of self-promotion. He secured for himself some awards and recognition and being a showboat unfamiliar with subtlety, wasted no time ensuring full-page ads are placed in the papers lauding what a great guy he is. He is seen taking photos, standing next to and sniffing the armpits of the rich and famous while presenting a giant replica of a check to some charitable organization lucky enough to benefit from his so-called largesse. He complains about being in demand all the time and laments that he is always very busy. (Yeah, cry me a fucking river.) Basking in the limelight, he now walks with a swagger and speaks as if words of wisdom stream nonstop from his pie hole. I bet when he has an orgasm he screams his own name. He has no idea that he faces public opprobrium for his crappy behavior.

Two different persons.

One humble, one full of shit.

The world will know who the real McCoy is.

You either have it or you don’t.

Appearing to have it seems to matter to a lot of people, certainly in these warped times when our local papers devote entire pages worshipping crass socialites fawning over their wardrobes or the number followers they have on social media.

Naked, without the façade and sans crutches and clutches are these people anything at all?

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