Rushing Woman’s Syndrome

Rush, rush, rush, never on time, always late, always last minute.

When I kept office hours I was always the first to be in the office and the last to leave.

I don’t expect that of everyone.

I was passionate about the work I do.

Yes, it was tiring and at times exhausting but my work was something close to my heart and I possessed a great sense of ownership and pride.

I cannot for the life of me understand how some people can wake up at 8:45am when their business opens at 9am.

A case of Rushing Woman’s Syndrome?

If so, read the book by Dr Libby Weaver on the subject.

Dr Libby combines two decades of personal experience, fourteen years of university and thirteen years of clinical experience in her unique conversational style to offer you real solutions to both the biochemistry and the emotional patterns of The Rush.

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