Retards, the Thousand-yard Stare is NOT Cool

Basket case!

There’s a tall skinny guy who’s supposedly a longtime friend of a relative.

As far as I’m concerned, this cretin has zero EQ.

And I mean ZERO.

When you visit, easily you’ll notice that obviously the oldest persons present are probably the parents.

This dumbass – and his equally moron of a wife – will completely ignore the elders.

As if they don’t even exist.

As if they are invisible.

I think my wife and I have earned it – having eaten more salt than rice than just about everyone else in the party – but this couple will completely ignore us.

No fucking manners!

And not just on only one occasion.

And what do we do?


Call me petty but if we are nobodies to you, then you are nobodies to us too.

If you look right through us, we’ll look right through you too.

Persona non grata is who you are, as far as we are concerned.

There’s another schlub who’s a sibling of a good friend.

Same shitty behavior. Head up his own butt most times.

He will sit and eat with us at the same table but not once would he acknowledge my presence.

Fucker won’t even make eye contact with me while busy stuffing his fat face.

Wears a hoity-toity watch wasted on a pig.

Not that this dim-witted fat lump doesn’t know who I am especially when I’ve just been introduced organization-wide. Idiot’s nuttier than a Snickers bar.

No, don’t get me wrong. I’m not craving for attention.

Or expecting shitheads to kowtow to me.

At this point of my life, that’s the least of my worries.

I’m just shocked at some people’s fucktardness.

And their audacity.

And stupidity.

No wonder it’s his brother who’s the towkay, not him.

He’ll remain a coolie all his frigging life!

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