With Friends like These, Who needs Enemies?

Had lunch the other day with someone I’ve known for some 27 years.

Didn’t know I was such an influence in his life.

The imperfect, broken me, apparently was able to make a difference in this person’s life.

Nice to know.

A day after a friend was attacked by someone online.

It was a sneaky, cowardly attack, my friend was not named but the attacker clearly referenced him.

Also, on the same day, I received a text message from someone grieved by the fact that a younger colleague whom she was mentoring had stabbed her in the back resulting in her ouster from her company.

My heart goes out to these two individuals.

Being played out by those whom you regard as friends can be a painful and traumatic experience.

I speak from experience: the loan never repaid, the soirée never organized despite all the big talk, the support never given despite all the promises, the agents provocateurs, posing as Good Samaritans, stirring shit behind the scene…ad nauseam. Played out big time, played out wholesale. Played out when some ingrate bites the hand that feeds it. Played out out when you entrusted a friend to do something and he “forgot” as in “Alamak, I forgot to feed your dog, died already meh? Oh shit!”

Oh shit indeed.

I will not waste my breath – which at my age is a precious commodity – on idiots like them.

Sometimes when we place our faith in fellow human beings, in the end, they often turn out rather disappointing. To my regret I am still learning this lesson even as I grow older and – I thought – wiser but human failings cannot really be predicted and we can get rather bitter and sore because those whom we had hope will stand by us, in the end, often let us down. In this regard, I now try not to over-rely on others. I will be more careful in making friends with people. And I will psych myself to expect nothing. Plus, I will try not to allow others to upset me.

A constant reminder to self: “I will not permit others the satisfaction of upsetting me.”

Yup, no one can piss me off without my permission.

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