Cheap and Good!

Japanese instant or cup noodles come with a pack of rather unhealthy hair-removers, er, I mean monosodium glutamate but here’s a recipe I use with good old fashioned Singapore-made dried egg noodles that has nothing in there that will remove your hair or your existence from planet earth.

Boil this humble dry egg-noddle for three minutes, drain and a quick dunk in cold water to ensure it gets a “bouncy” al dente consistency. Next quickly add chopped fresh red chillies, chopped fresh garlic, add a drizzle of sesame oil, some real good quality black, sticky soy sauce and toss thoroughly. Add a dash of ground Kampot pepper before serving.

Makes for a satisfying quick snack.

90gms or 3.2 ounces of pure bliss. Serves two.

Plus it costs only a pittance. S$1.20/- to be exact.

Really “cheap and good.”

Of course you can garnish with char siew, or caviar, or what have you, and all but that’s gonna add to the cost.

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