A Few More On My Shit List

I had a friend who wanted to buy me dinner; he asked me to wait for him and he would swing by to pick me up. After picking me up, he spent the next 30 minutes berating me and telling me how stupid I was to wait at a spot where he had to pay ERP charges to get in.

Another friend – when I visited KL – said he would pick me up but told me how troublesome it would be for him to stop in front of where I was, so he told me to cross the road, get to the highway and wait. Yeah, dash across the busy highway, risk life and limb so that it’ll be more convenient for him to take me for a plate of fried noodles. And I was a guest in his country. Malaysia, truly Asia? Nah, I don’t think so.

Yet another friend who volunteered to drive me to the airport, said that it would be pain for him to drive me there just before my flight at 5.30pm and asked if he could drop me off at the airport at 2pm instead? Said he wanted to go shopping with his wife.

Why do I still refer to them as “friends”?

Maybe I am really stupid indeed.

Know something, douche bags?

I’m way smarter now.

You can all take a long walk on a short pier.

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