An Advice to Young Men Looking for a Wife

Lucky I managed to eat one.

They say when you go for a long drive with a girlfriend, remember to buy a pack of groundnuts. If she shells them for you and feeds you, that’s a keeper.

They say when it comes to prawns, if she shells them for you, that’s wife material.

When was the last time someone fed you?

When was the last time someone shells prawns for you?

The last time I had prawns at a hot pot meal, my dining companion was quite ready to sapu all my share of prawns as well.

It was terrible having to beg for one.

“Can I have a prawn?” “Just one.” “Pretty please?”

Fucking pathetic if you ask me.

One more thing: since women outlive men, look for someone who is able to take care of you when you are not well, not someone who goes shopping when you sick in bed.

You want a wife who’s there when you’re up shit creek without a paddle.

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