Merry Christmas!


For years now, my cousin Christine has been wishing people “Happy Holidays” – long before it caught on in the US, where it is deemed politically-correct NOT to wish anyone “Merry Christmas” because it has religious connotations.

Look at the seasonal window treatments at Macy’s and you’ll quickly see what I mean. In America, everything is “happy holidays.” Ads refer to “holiday shopping,” end-of-year office soirees are “holiday parties” and kids’ school concerts this time of year are “holiday concerts.” You get the idea. See also survey charts by an American organization in the picture above.

What a crock of crap.

In fact, to assume that someone will be offended by a seasonal greeting because he or she is of a different faith is in itself politically incorrect.

So fuck it, allow me to wish one and all “Merry Christmas!”

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