Praying for Deliverance

What indomitable spirit!

Physicist Stephen Hawking suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease – a form of motor neuron disease – yet continues to churn out books. Hawking married twice; has three kids.

Australian Nick Vujicic was born without limbs and he’s a motivational speaker. Even got married and is the father of a son. Able to provide for kith and kin despite his shortcomings.

Here in Singapore, Navy man Jason Chee who lost his legs and arm is such an optimistic fellow; I take my hat off him.

Debilitating as it is, non-physical discomfort is no joke either. Some people suffer a lot from psychological distress. It must be tough too.

It’s not for me to determine which is worse – physical pain or mental anguish.

I have my share of both.

Physical pain continues to wreck me and has been for over a year now due to multilevel degenerative disc disease.

The Man Upstairs seems to take delight to play dice with my life.

And as for friends and families “Miserable comforters are ye all.”

Often it’s hard to carry on.

Very hard.

The simplest of movement can cause great agony.

I can never be a Stephen Hawking, a Nick Vujicic or a Jason Chee.

I pride myself in having a high threshold of pain, but this pain from slipped discs is really hard to endure.

Seeing an anesthesiologist today to discuss if epidural steroid injections will work.

Surgery will be the very last resort.

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