The Shylocks Amongst Us

He wants more than our pound of flesh.

He wants more than our pound of flesh.

I cannot understand the logic of mongoloids who say we should be contented because even first world countries have overcrowded hospitals so we should shut up or trains break down in London all the time so we should learn to be happy.

Hello we Singaporeans were taught to expect the best, that to compromise is to become laggards and losers. We also voted to put the world’s most highly paid officials in office. Isn’t our “everything works” model one of the many reasons so many foreigners flee from the kleptocracies they found themselves in to take advantage of this great country? And now that they are thriving on the backs (of the results of the hard work) of our forebears, they forget their shitty origins and start biting the hands that feed them.

I’ve heard of someone who is a declared bankrupt and a schtick crazy but he has managed to talk himself into a high-paying job here, and what’s the next thing he did? Started criticizing this place 24 by 7 and making fun of Singaporeans.

It may sound like a simplistic thing to say – I’m a simple man – but seriously if this place sucks so badly, please stop robbing us of our jobs and please stop fucking our women and just go away! Last time I checked, this is not a prison. You are free to leave any time. In fact, my friends and I are more than happy to help carry your bags to the airport for you.

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