Hounded Out – Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish?

Bernice Wong, the beauty who married a beast.

Bernice Wong, the beauty who married a beast.

They left for Perth on economy class. After all that posturing and big talk, they sneaked out like a family of refugees. What a letdown! My compassionate thoughts are with the residents of Perth, now that it will stink of economy class plus Singapore’s public transport.

Anton Casey, an arrogant, ugly – I mean, really ugly – and obnoxious Briton working here, husband to an ex-Miss Singapore, and father to a five-year-old brat of a son (famous for that photo of him sitting in his father’s Porsche), was insensitive enough to label public transport users “poor” and bragged on his Facebook that he couldn’t wait to wash off the stench of public transport when he got his Porsche back from the workshop. Then someone dug out all this moron’s personal information, including all his email addresses, his home and office addresses, all his phone numbers, details of his employer, etc and worse, a video showing him making more comments deemed insulting to Singaporeans.

The backlash was fast and furious. Anton Casey, who allegedly received death threats, issued a half-baked apology (through a PR agency, no less – how sincere is that?) and hired lawyers to harass sites that carried screenshots of his Facebook posts. The Minister of Law weighed in, calling his remarks “deeply offensive and unacceptable” and said he was glad that the community has come together to condemn what Anton Casey had said about Singaporeans.

Minister K Shanmugam also added that he hoped “Singaporeans will not attack or flame” Anton Casey’s family because of his actions, saying that Singaporeans are bigger than that.

But it was too late.

Anton Casey and his family had to flee to Perth. He was fired from his job.  His former employer, CrossInvest said “Those comments go against our core corporate and family values that are based on trust, mutual understanding and are respectful of diversity,” adding that CrossInvest is a family business built up in Singapore.

This incident mirrors that of former union employee Amy Cheong, who returned to Perth after her expletive-laden Facebook rant disparaging Malay weddings in October 2012 came under fire.

I have no doubt Anton Casey and Amy Cheong are scumbags of the worst kind. My initial reactions was to tell both these retards “If this is such a shitty place, pack your bags and go back to where you came from. Nobody put a gun to your head and forced you to come here. And stop biting the hands that feed you, assholes!”

But maybe I’m getting old and am no longer a fighting cock that I was when I was younger.

Maybe I’m more tolerant now. Shit.

Come on, people make mistakes, I told myself.

And I’m sure in our minds we have all at one time or another harbor certain unspeakable thoughts about certain people.

Anton Casey and Amy Cheong were stupid enough to make their thoughts public whereas most of us are circumspect enough to keep our thoughts to ourselves. We don’t verbalize or publish them. We hold back.

But not Anton Casey and Amy Cheong. And because Anton Casey and Amy Cheong did not bite their tongues, were trigger-happy and did not hesitate to shoot from their hips, they were hounded until they had to flee the country.

They certainly deserved their comeuppance.

But are we so thin-skinned that we cannot handle insults?

Are we too much of a lynch mob?

Isn’t the very public rebuke and chastisement sufficient?

Must we be bloodthirsty enough to chase the entire family out of our country?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not defending them. Oh no. No way. I’ve already said that Anton Casey and Amy Cheong are scumbags of the worst kind. And if there are worse names that I can call them, I would call them those names. In fact, I already have a few choice expletives in my mind specially reserved for poopsterbators like them.

But if I have made a mistake, wouldn’t I want people whom I’ve wronged to forgive me? Or would I want them baying for my blood?

Can’t we be a more compassionate society?

Rodney King had his shit beaten out of him by five white police officers in Los Angeles in 1991; they were then acquitted in court, and the scandal led to riots resulting in 53 deaths. Yet the black man pleaded to blacks and whites alike “Can we all get along?”

Remember what the German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche once said?

He said he who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

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