No, Not my HOUSE

Braised pork shoulder rigatoni.

Braised pork shoulder rigatoni.

HOUSE at Dempsey is a huge eatery with a mainly Western menu and overly-inflated prices. I was there on Sunday and it was packed with expats, beautiful people, ugly ones who think they will look beautiful just by being there, and morons who want to be seen there as well as the usual “ladies who lunch” (yawn) and other pretentious retards and the usual motley collection of white/trailer trash who would never be able to afford to eat out back home! This description seems to fit 99.9% of the diners frequenting the eating places at Dempsey which is why I mostly avoid the area like the plague. But it was a free lunch and so being the patriarch of the clan, I went.

My son-in-law (one of the nicest guys on planet earth) spent an astronomical sum of money getting seven people fed with – sadly – pedestrian dishes and I had braised pork shoulder rigatoni, described in the menu as “tender pork smothered in a rich tomato sauce with a hint of spicy chilli. Tossed with chunky rigatoni.” Quote unquote.

And oh puleese, would restaurants stop dousing everything with “truffle” oil?! Enough of this bullshit already!

Most truffle oils are not even made from actual truffles, but are a synthetic odorant product that combines a thioether (2,4-dithiapentane), derived mainly from petroleum, with a grapeseed oil base.

One chef I know pretty much sums it up when he said: “Comparing truffle oil to real truffles is like comparing sniffing dirty underwear to having sex.”

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