The Tsunami Pipe


My friend Ronnie Wong is a long-time pipe smoker and probably Singapore’s only pipe carver.

The photographs above – taken by Rob Balcer – are of a pipe Ronnie has carved which he has named “Tsunami.”

Tsunami (bowl diameter 20 mm x depth 46 mm, length 165 mm, weight 72 gm) is a beautiful pipe. “It was carved in remembrance of the countless unfortunate ones when Mother Nature wreaked devastation on mankind,” said Ronnie. “It is a unique piece that no one had ever attempted. A solemn monument. A somber statement.”

Ronnie is offering it for sale to the highest bidder. He will donate 25% of the proceeds to a charity of the winning bidder’s choice.

The carving of this pipe was videoed and posted on YouTube. Click here to view.

All bids marked TSUNAMI$$$ to be tendered at You may put in as many bids as you like. The highest bid secures. All bids in Ronnie’s inbox will remain unopened and will only be opened publicly on the cut-off date listed which is April 30th 2014. The venue will be in Singapore and Ronnie will inform all bidders of the details.

I have no financial or any other stake in this project. I am merely using my blog to announce this event.

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