Now Who You Calling Fat Cow?


Fat foa-gura don.


Tai no kuro-toryufu.

Fat Cow at Camden has been reviewed to death and half the people I talked to praised it sky high, the other half told me to forget it, so I decided to check it out myself last Saturday afternoon.

Turned out to be somewhat of a teenybopper type of a place (lots of giggling young lady customers) with very adult prices. Definitely a place for the easily impressed – youngish local chefs with zero customer-relations skills and zero creativity, churning out very unoriginal concoctions like cubes of wagyu beef and foie gras on rice and seabream with truffles, and very mediocre chawanmushi – see pictures above – all served by Filipinos.

If that rocks your boat, be my guest. Also, they could do with less theatrics. I was told that the earliest “slot” was 1.45pm and at 10.30pm the night before I received a call reminding me of my reservation. Even Michelin-starred restaurants don’t ring customers at 10:30pm on Friday nights to remind them about their reservations for the next day.

Ah, probably easier to get an audience with the Pope.

Fat Cow very clearly must up their professionalism quotient up several notches.

Will I go back?

Hmm, maybe just to ogle at the eye candy squealing with delight at the sight of foie gras.

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