If you like steamed fish, head out to Zai Shun at 253 Jurong East Street 24 #01-205.

No, the fishes are not live ones swimming in a tank but they are extremely fresh nevertheless. Zai Shun even sells the Empurau from Sarawak, reputed to be the most expensive fish in the region because of its diet of the Engkabang (butter fruit) flowers and fruits. There are reports of tycoons flying into Malaysia on their private jets to taste the fish at prices as much as MR10,000/- a kilo. That’s about S$3,800/-. Here in Zai Shun, the price is only S$180/- a kilo. But do phone the owner Mr Ong at 65608594 to check for availability before you go. And do it only if you are dead serious. Please don’t inundate the super-busy owner with mindless phone calls. Zai Shun is my all time go-to stall for steamed fish and I was there again recently, this time with international jet-setting gourmet Charles, who has never been to Zai Shun before.

Fish galore in ice-boxes:

IceboxPlates of fish waiting to be steamed:

WaitingI was there with Charles last Friday and we decided to try something unusual – collagen-packed shark cartilage:

CartilageAnd of course, a must-have: my favorite garoupa:

GaroupaZai Shun is open every day, except Wednesdays, from 7am to 3pm including public holidays. Go early to avoid the crowds. Other dishes are also available including the more exotic ones like sea cucumber, fish maw and pork tendons.

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