Honey, Look! (40 Years Later)

Awed by what they saw 40 years ago, they stayed.


Fast forward to 2014:

She: Honey, look! It’s flooding!
He: Nah, floods happen only once in 50 years here. In this country full of surprises, they call it “ponding.”

She: Honey, look! Pioneer Package!
He: What rubbish? They give you one dollar, they take back five dollars. Hardly surprisingly huh?

She: Honey, look! Lots of budget hotels everywhere!
He: Really? There’s a surprisingly cheaper option – many Singaporeans seem to prefer staircase landings.

She: Honey, look! So nice to see politicians united and working in harmony, unlike those in the Philippines.
He: You kidding? Lim Wee Kiak was reamed for speaking the truth! And I’m not surprised.

She: Honey, look! People here seem to like the ruling party, they win every election!
He: Heard of gerrymandering? And ridiculous setups like GRCs where weak newbies hang onto the coattails of some of the better veterans? This way they are swept into the government. On their own I’ll be surprised if they get elected as class monitors!

She: Honey, look! It’s so peaceful here, no cops anywhere! Surprised?
She: Well, it’s bad planning. They didn’t hire enough. They need a thousand more at least!

She: Honey, look! Power sockets every where! We can charge our mobile phones!
He: Sure, if you want to be surprised by a 400-buck fine!

She: Honey, look! Why are people covering their noses? What’s that stench?
He: Oh, what a surprise! Is Amy Cheong and Anton Casey back from Perth?

She: Honey, look! A train in every 90 seconds!
He: Yeah, and pigs can fly.

She: Honey, Look! Eight-dollar bypasses!
He: Yeah and I suppose you can pay using SingTel m Rare-Meat, er I mean mRemit.

Inspired by two recent puke-inducing, cringe-worthy, government-backed promotional videos targeting our Pinoy neighbors.

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