Philips Soundbars – Nothing but Grief, and Never Purchase from Courts

Utter Dutch crap!

Utter Dutch crap!

I purchased a Philips HTS9140 Soundbar in 2011.

I wasn’t a heavy user, watching only two Blu-ray movies a week at most.

Not long after the purchase, the Soundbar broke down and had to be serviced.

It happened a couple more times despite the serviceman replacing some parts.

About three months ago it finally gave up the ghost for good.

So in late March I bought another one – a newer model (HTB9150).

In early May, it malfunctioned. Delivered March 29th and couldn’t work on May 9th.

I purchased the Soundbar via Courts online. So I contacted them through their website to request for servicing but I received no response.

So after a couple days I phoned Philips directly. They sent a serviceman down on May 19th – that was the earliest anyone could come down, they said.

The serviceman came on the 19th, took one look and said he’ll indent the part and come back to me “soon.”

I had to SMS and phone him several times before he agreed to return.

He eventually returned on May 22nd and replaced a part.

On May 24th the Soundbar failed to work again.

Would anyone in his right mind purchase from Courts again? (By the way they never responded to my request for service. Not a pip squeak from them till today.)

Would anyone in his right mind buy anything from Philips again?

To make the entire unfortunate experience even more unpleasant is the fact that there appears to be one and only one serviceman servicing all Philips Soundbars in the whole of Singapore and he is a rude, grouchy and ill-mannered prick – in other words, a complete asshole.

Yeah, so sue me.

Never ever buy from Courts, and never ever buy Philips unless you are a masochist.

UPDATE: On May 31st, the serviceman came to replace another part. Less than half an hour after he left, the Soundbar failed to work again.

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